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Original Watercolor Art

Portraits. Landscape. Abstract. Life. Plants.  Birds. Commissions. And more!


Explore. Connect.
Create. Share.

An avid venturer and lifelong artist, I see the world through shapes and shadows, always discovering new patterns and perspectives. Light, shadow, shape and color is all around us and its perception is a gift. I hope connections, shared through my art, spark creativity and appreciation for the beauty of what lies in the overlooked or unseen. Enjoy my original watercolor art by commissioning your own piece, purchasing a piece you see here, or by visiting me at any one of my shows in my home state of Wisconsin. PLEASE CLICK ON MY PORTFOLIO TO SEE SOME OF MY WORK!

Let's Talk

I have been painting since college when some of my Architectural presentations included watercolor. Since then I have gone through series, experimentation, education and have learned that this has become a life-long passion. I have found inspiration in my travels, nature, gardening, interest in color and design. My many subjects represents some of my varied interests. If you have questions about my work I would be more than happy to answer them. I would be happy to create a special piece of art that fits your interests. Or get to know me and my art by purchasing one of my original pieces.

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